Who are Nanpuppets?

Please welcome Snoof the Sea Monster! 🎉

Nanpuppets are a group of hand puppets from Nantucket Island

that are handmade and performed by Lizza Obremski.  

They provide educational entertainment for all age groups

and are without a doubt a whole lot of fun!

Upcoming Public Performances:

Saturday, May 28th

Nantucket Atheneum


Tuesday, May 31st

Music with Lizza

Nantucket Atheneum


Saturday, June 4th

Nantucket Atheneum


Monday, June 6th

Cisco Brewery 11:30am


Our Weekly Summer Schedule!

Tuesdays at 9:45am

Nantucket Atheneum

Music with Lizza

(Happening now)

Saturdays at 10:00am

Children's Beach

(Starting June 18th)


Mondays at 11:30am

Cisco Brewery

(starting June 6th)

Thursdays at 9:45am

Nantucket Atheneum

(starting June 16th)

Obadiah Sticker.png

We offer private performances too!

Please contact us for more information.


*Suggested $5 to $10 donation to the Money Monster appreciated!*


Please enjoy


(our kid's tv show!)

Enjoy our sing alongs based on

Lizza's music curriculum!

Click here for more episodes!

A great way to bring music

(and puppets!) into your home!


Not on Nantucket?

That's okay!

We can still play with you!


Contact us

for more information about

custom pre-recorded videos

and personal Zoom performances!

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