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Let's meet                      !

Clarence the Clam

​Clarence loves to spend his days snuggled in the sand.  When he is not filter feeding delicious microscopic organisms he is singing in his loud un-clamlike voice.  You never have to worry about this particular mollusk "clamming up" on you.

Wanda the Whale

Wanda spends her days eating giant squid and swimming through the great blue sea.  She uses her beautiful singing voice to make all of her friends feel good about themselves.  She is a kind and caring whale, always ready to lend a helping flipper.

Larry the Lobster

​Larry is the crankiest lobster in town. He spends most of his days avoiding lobster traps and complaining about anything and everything he can.  Fortunately, with help from you and his friends, Larry can be reminded of how great life really is. 

Seymour the Seal

Seymour loves a good bark with a side of fish.  He spends his days sunbathing on the jetties and munching on the tasty treats he finds living there.  Seymour is an outgoing and enthusiastic fellow.  When Seymour is around it is almost impossible to feel down.

Simon the Seagull

Some people may say that Simon is a bit overwhelming.  People and seagulls are not often the best of friends.  Although Simon can be loud and may steal your sandwich, he has a big heart and will hopefully listen if you tell him to quiet down.

Bonnie the Bunny

Bonnie is so sweet and so shy that you have to be absolutely quiet to get her to come play with you.  Once she feels safe, she will show you what a truly wonderful bunny she is.  She is known for her excellent snuggling skills.

Please welcome Snoof the Sea Monster! 🎉

Snoof the Sea Monster

Snoof is not your average sea monster.  

Yes, he is a monster, but a lovable one.  Snoof loves to wrap around a good friend and be as silly as he can. He is proud of his seaweed and spends a lot of time wrapped around Lizza's shoulders.

Shamona the Shark

Shamona is one sassy shark!  Keep an eye out for her because you never know when she will sneak up and give you a little love chomp!  Shamona may have trouble keeping her teeth to herself but she is always working on herself.  As long as she isn't too hangry...

Millie the Mermaid​

Millie is a kind soul from under the sea and she

just loves to be silly.  When she isn't swimming through the deep blue sea or basking in the sunshine, she can be found getting down with her bad self on the dance floor.  Millie is the best at bringing the fun to the party!

Obadiah the Old Salt

Obadiah is a wise old fellow who has sailed the seas for many years. His name refers to the salty ocean where he spends most of his time.  After spending as much time at sea as Obadiah, one can end up being salty all the time and Obadiah is quite salty indeed. 

He gives the best advice and is always ready for a good ol' wholesome time.


Moom the Moon Jelly

Moom spends most of her time floating through the waters of Nantucket harbor (especially when it's warm!). Moom loves a good dance party. When she is particularly excited, she glows! Dance along with Moom and she will be glowing in no time.


Ursula the Unicorn

Ursula loves to sing but she is a bit absent minded so she often forgets the words to the song she is singing! Luckily, she has some wonderful friends to help her remember them. Ursula also loves a good romp through the moors. When she is feeling a bit frisky, she may give your fingers a quick nibble!


Captain Schnarfles

Captain Schnarfles is from a very different place than Nantucket.

He speaks "schnarfle" language so you have to listen hard to understand him. Captain Schnarfles loves to sing just like many of the other puppets - the melody is easy to recognize so it matters not that he is singing in Schnarfle!


Cosmo the Cat

Cosmo the Cat is our newest Nanpuppet friend!

He is a coooool cat that knows where it's at.

When he starts meowing, he just can't stop. If you're lucky,

you might even hear him scat! Oh yeah!

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